About Wulkan



The hallmark of Wulkan is the technical ingenuity that has made it possible for the company to mass produce the most complex cold-headed articles.

With almost 80 years of experience in the bag and heavy investments in new machinery from 2007 until today, we are able to reduce lead times and are amongst the best when it comes to meeting the increasingly higher quality demands.

We have a wide fleet of machines, with equipment that complement each other when products with several operations need to be produced. This enables an advantageous price level.

Surface treatment

The hallmark of Wulkan is the high level of quality that has been offered throughout the years.
In our factory in Anderstorp you find one of Europe’s most complete surface treatment facilities.
We can help you with almost anything from washing, deburring and polishing to all possible programmes and combinations of galvanic and mechanic surface treatments.

Our tradition

In our computer managed facilities we perform all galvanic surface treatments with great precision. Behind every stage are people with a deep commitment and knowledge of surface treatment. This is the combination that makes us unique, and enables us to solve the most varying problems.


”Our vision is to become Sweden’s most attractive supplier of fasteners, with our own spearhead technology of surface treatment”.