The history of Wulkan

On the 1st of July 1933, Nitfabriken Wulkan AB was founded in a carpenter’s workshop in Törås, Anderstorp. The manufacturing consisted of simple rivets.

The range of rivets widened, and the production increased.
The manufacturing facilities were upgraded and the warehouse was expanded.

Increased demand and a rapid development meant that a whole new factory had to be built. It was an impressive building covering an entire 1000 m2.

During this period, the range was widened and screws, nuts and washers were added. The success continued both nationally and internationally.

Despite several extensions, the premises were still too small. In 1962, a large investment was made and the floor space doubled to approx. 5000 m2.

This year was the last time the premises in Törås were expanded. It was the increased administration need and demand for surface finished goods that resulted in more space being required. This extension included a fully automatic surface treatment division.

This year the building work began on a whole new factory on Nennesmovägen. The floor space was doubled from 6000 m2 to approx. 12 000 m2.

Some of the production equipment was moved from the old to the new premises.

The municipality of Gislaved wanted to purchase the old factory in Törås to solve the problem with premises for the upper secondary school’s practical programme. The purchase was made and the agreement involved the school gradually taking over the premises up until the 30th of June 1982.

All production was moved to the new factory.

Certification in accordance with ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 was implemented. A new control system for surface treatment was installed.

A new phosphatising liner for hanging goods was installed.

Nylok Scandinavia AB – Lock coating for fasteners.
2 cold-forging machines – 3- and 5-stations.

SOLDERPLATE Electrolytic tin foiling.

Mattssons acquires Wulkan.
Investments are made in a zinc-iron and zinc-nickel surface coating line.

Heavy investments are made in cold-forging- and second-operations machines.