Quality – at what price?

How do you value a disturbance free production? Happier and more effective assemblers? Safety and goodwill towards the end-user? And a carefree situation in general?

It is not always easy to estimate what the received quality is worth in money. But once you get used to how easy and carefree it can be when everything just works, you would not want anything less. Contact us about our quality – and our prices!


One of Europe’s most modern test laboratories

Leading the way for the quality work is the management. It is involved in the comprehensive quality questions and makes certain that there are resources, good organization and stimulation so that every coworker takes responsibility for the quality at the workplace.

• Tensile testing machine, 600 kN, for draw- and pressure tests
• Endurance test machine for repeated dynamic impact tests
• Spectrometer, for material analysis of steel and stainless steel
• X-ray for surface treatment layer inspection
• Salt chamber for long term tests and evaluations of surface treatments
• Coordinate reading equipment for complete measurements
• Moment analysis for checks of moment of torsion, tightening torque, clamping power and friction
• Sclerometer HRC, HB and Hv for inspection of hardness and case-hardened depth etc
• Cylindricity meter
• Surface smoothness meter
• Zero defect control machine
• Our test laboratory is available for all.

We perform tests and independent examinations on behalf of companies, including companies that are not our customers in other respects. When required, we cooperate with an accredited independent laboratory with special qualifications.

Europe’s most modern puryfying plant

Rinsing water from the surface treatment processes are purified in our modern purifying plant. During the autumn of 2009, we are down to a tenth of the EU’s Parcom’s guide lines for discharge water.