Environmental policy

• For our products and services we will choose partners who, in a resource efficient way, spare the environment
• We should, by a well planned logistics flow, minimize the transports’ environmental damage
• We should avoid double storage to minimize the need for space and heating
• We should use packaging that is recyclable
• We should economize with scarce resources
• We should maintain our skills and knowledge regarding the corporation’s environmental impact
• We should meet or exceed the requirements stipulated by laws and regulations
• We should strive to continuously improve our environmental work
• We should openly present environmental data.

Environment ISO 14001

At Wulkan AB, we take responsibility by actively working to minimize the effects our products and activities have on the environment, and at the same time meet our customers’ demands regarding the environment. To be able to do this, Wulkan AB has implemented the following steps:

• All employees have been educated in environmental matters, and by that we have created a common platform for continuously improving our environmental work
• Carried out risk assessments and environmental analysis
• Introduced environmental aspects for Wulkan AB
• Created general and detailed environmental targets (our suppliers are naturally an integrated part in these targets, to help us in the improvement process).