Zinc-plating with chromating/passivation

Together with Korrosionsforskning AB and a Swedish research group, we have developed a system especially adapted to mass galvanization. The process is environmentally friendly as it can be used up completely by recycling of process chemicals. The process is neutral to mildly acid (the pH value is 6.2-6.5). With the correct preliminary treatment it involves a lower risk of hydrogen embrittleness, which can otherwise be a common problem. Controlled chemical dosage and a constant filtration of the solutions, means even layers and that exactly the desired surface thickness is achieved. Chromating, alternatively passivation, is made in blue (bright), yellow, black and green. With our specially equipped drums, we are able to zincify some details that normally need hanging zincification. You can also receive further protection against corrosion with lacquer or oil. We work with Corrosil as an extra coat for better corrosion prevention. For more information, please visit www.atotech.se