Conveyor furnace hardening

In our plant for heat treatment, the details are hardened to the specified hardness.

The largest of the three conveyor furnaces has a capacity of 1 200 kilos per hour.

Here you will find the largest capacity for conveyor furnace hardening in the Nordics.

Conveyor furnace hardening is suitable for tough-hardening, case-hardening and carbonitriding of small articles.

Today, even small articles are favorably hardened with high safety regulations in conveyor furnace. With the new conveyor furnace, that was installed in 2002 (capacity 1 200 kilos per hour) and which is unique with its integrated ultrasonic dishwasher, the capacity for conveyor furnace hardening has doubled.

In addition to the traditional engineering industry, another subcontracting customer network is the sub suppliers to the automotive industry. The operation has been certified both according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. Together with highly experienced personnel and with added services such as different surface treatments, great logistic advantages are offered.